Digital Marketing Plan

Typical cost $300 to $1,200*

The Digital Marketing Plan is your playbook for your multichannel presence and related campaigns.  This is a living document and should be revised periodically.  If you do not have a plan, we will help you establish one.  If you have one, but wish to update it or develop a new one, we will help.  A primary input to the plan is an Online Presence Audit, which will establish a strong baseline for your plan.  If you don't have this information, we can include some effort to close critical gaps in this effort.  While many business, products, and industries are different, the framework for a good digital plan are similar.  We will customize the this project to your specific needs.

2-hour Discovery Session - In order to best serve your business and establish a plan that is aligned with your customer insights, business objectives and barriers to success, we start with a discovery session.  This is typically a 2-hour effort that can be a combination of meetings and document reviews.

Ideas & Scenario Development - After the discovery session, we will evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) in the context of your business objectives and customer insights.  If any of these facets are missing, we will prepare ideas on how to obtain or work through the missing information.  We will share some ideas and planning scenarios that can be used to identify the best fit with your goals, budget, and strategy.  This is an iterative process to refine what should be included in the scope of your digital marketing plan.

Draft Plan - Once the scope has been identified, we will develop a draft plan with details, estimates, and dependencies that will be required to implement your plan.  The draft plan will be provided as a working document to ensure that the plan is shaping up to meet your expectations and needs.  The end goal will be to document an executable plan.

Content & Asset Recommendations - In the process of developing the plan, we will assess the content and assets that can be used in your plan and the format of these materials.  These assets are the artifacts that will be used in your marketing activities and we will make recommendations regarding how they may be used, reformatted or parsed for a campaign.

Technology Gaps & Recommendations - Digital marketing does require some tools to implement portions of your programs.  There are many commercially available options with a wide range of features and costs, which can be a blessing and a curse.  We will help you navigate the maze of these technologies and help identify the which may be the best for your business, and when you may need them.

Final Plan Documentation - The final deliverable is a document containing the findings, recommendations, and plan to be executed.  The plan will include the implementation activities, priorities and inter-dependencies, along with key measurement recommendations.

*While every plan is different, we wanted to give you a typical range to development of your plan.

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