Multichannel Campaign Management


Implementation and management of your multichannel marketing campaign can be a time consuming work, especially if you do not have the experience or the time to invest.  We will prepare a support program that suits your needs, to maintain digital campaign, monitor and measure performance, and take corrective actions on your behalf.  Allow us to manage the execution of your marketing campaign, so you can focus on your customers and your business success.

Site Content Changes - As time passes, your site will need content updates to maintain relevance and performance.  Also, as you have events and press releases to promote, we will manage the online communications.

According to web credibility research from Stanford, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company’s credibility based on their website’s design.

Performance Monitoring - The performance of your online campaign is important to the impression and experience for your potential and current customers.  We will monitor and react to performance and quality problems.

Email Campaign Management - Lead generation and nurturing are effectively managed through multichannel campaigns with email interactions.  We will manage your campaigns to maximize the use of your assets and to develop customers for new business.

Ads & Search Management - Too many companies take the "Field of Dreams" approach to digital marketing ... "Build it, and they will come." only works in the movies.  In the real workd, you need to promote your business, products, and services.  You need to establish good placement in search results, initial this requires search ad placement and display ads.  Over time as your site becomes more popular and rank higher in natural search results, but until that time we can improve engagements with targeted advertising.

Monitoring & Analytics - Without measurement and analysis of your digital programs you have no way of understanding the benefits.  It is just as important to know what is not working as what is working, so you can stop spending money on poor performing activities and leverage the things that are best received by your audience.

*Each business will run different programs, so we will customize a management program that fits your needs and budget.  This represents a relatively high level of campaign management support.

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