Online Presence Audit

Fixed price service (Typically $500)

The most important part of any journey is to clearly understand your situation and the surrounding terrain.   That is why we offer a standard service for this essential foundation.  The purpose of the Online Presence Audit is to assess your business current position and exposure, before making investments based on assumptions or inaccurate understanding.  The deliverable from this audit will provide you with a clear picture of your current business presence, which can help prioritize your digital marketing plan.  Here are some aspects to be considered:

Search Rankings — The way you search for your business and the way your customers search may be entirely different.  We look at the search rankings for your business, products and services through the eyes of your customer.  Then we look at the clutter that may be between you and your potential customer.  Based on these findings we can determine the best way to address any potential issues and determine the need for search Ads and search optimization.

Site Performance — What happens when a potential customer finds your site?  Does the site respond quickly? These are factors that impact the experience of a potential customer and, in many cases, can make or break that initial interaction.

Mobile-Friendliness - Although it is related to site performance, special attention needs to be given to mobile device interactions with your site and email.  89% of people are likely to recommend a brand after a positive brand experience on mobile. (Think with Google)  With increased time pressures, the mobile device is the "relief valve" people need to create balance in their life and not feel overwhelmed with a bulging email inbox.  This means that searches and website visits, along with email viewing, are more likely to be via a mobile device.  How are you addressing this reality?  This study will identify problems and identify opportunities for improvement.

Comprehensive Report — You will receive a comprehensive report with summary findings and recommendations.  The report will document details and provide supporting data for the findings.  This report is a great starting point for developing your marketing plan and establishing priorities before launching a marketing campaign.

Competitor Assessment Add-on (+$250 each) -  Some businesses have a couple of key competitors (or brands) that drive the marketplace. Or maybe you are looking to lead the space by establishing or "leap-frog" your competition.  We can add them into the assessment report and include comparisons and recommendations to support your business objectives.  We will include these as incremental additions to your assessment.

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