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Business Solution Architecture

Whether you have a new or old business problem to solve, it requires a creative approach to creating a better solution.  Business solution architecture is a methodical approach to reviewing your business, processes and resources to determine the best way to make improvements.  With over 35 years of experience working in large enterprise organizations, I know the right and the wrong way to approach solutions.  I also understand that teams need help to establish a vision and set goals for projects.  MCC will move you through the design and planning phases, ultimately saving you time and money and ultimately deliver on your business objectives.

Online Presence Audit

The most important part of any journey is to clearly understand your situation and the surrounding terrain.   That is why we offer a standard service for this essential foundation.  The purpose of the Online Presence Audit is to assess your business current position and exposure, before making investments based on assumptions or inaccurate understanding.  The deliverable from this audit will provide you with a clear picture of your current business presence, which can help prioritize your digital marketing plan.


Multichannel/Digital Marketing Plans

The Digital Marketing Plan is your playbook for your multichannel presence and related campaigns.  This is a living document and should be revised periodically.  If you do not have a plan, we will help you establish one.  If you have one, but wish to update it or develop a new one, we will help.  A primary input to the plan is an Online Presence Audit, which will establish a strong baseline for your plan.  If you don’t have this information, we can include some effort to close critical gaps in this effort.  While many business, products, and industries are different, the framework for a good digital plan are similar.  We will customize the this project to your specific needs.


Site & Campaign Management

Implementation and management of your multichannel marketing campaign can be a time consuming work, especially if you do not have the experience or the time to invest.  We will prepare a support program that suits your needs, to maintain digital campaign, monitor and measure performance, and take corrective actions on your behalf.  Allow us to manage the execution of your marketing campaign, so you can focus on your customers and your business success.


Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is changing the way we engage with new customers and provide the most relevant information and experience for them.  Through the customer journey, insight can be discovered that will help your account teams to develop new lead accounts.  Or maybe you have plenty of leads, but you want to serve them better, with a multichannel approach to enhance your customer success efforts.    I can help you create a strategy and design to unlock this potential for your customers.

Marketo Campaign Design

There are several marketing automation solutions available today, but my experience with Marketo had been exceptional.  So much so that I went through the training and testing to be recognized as a Marketo Certified Expert.  The Marketo platform is very sophisticated and extensible, which makes it the ideal platform for establishing and developing customer relationships.  I will work with you to identify your campaign objectives and design an experience that will serve the needs of your customer and your business.  You have a wealth of information that will help your customers to be successful, but you need a means and method to deliver it.  Let's take a look at creating customer success.

Marketo Templates

Great templates are the foundation for great communications.  By setting up visually appealing templates, your team can focus on the content and know that it will be delivered with a look that is consistent with your brand.  Using mobile responsive template designs, you will provide consistently clean content on their preferred device.  Build your programs on a firm foundation.  Whether you need a fully custom templates or flexible design that you can modify, I can give you what you need.

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