Choosing Software & Services

Where to begin… There are so many technology options these days. Don’t get me wrong, its great! Years ago you had to pick a technology partner and live with the decision for years. Shackled to their release cycles and promises to fix it in the next release. As a Boston […]

List Buyer Beware

As marketers, we want to do our best to reach new leads, educate and nurture them to become potential customers.  We want to build a profile of the customer, so we can identify leads who we believe is qualified and pass them to our sales team.  The challenge is where […]

Mobile Impact on Campaign Results

Check out this short article that I wrote on LinkedIN… Image Source: Search Engine Land linked article. I was reading a new article about Googles new Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calculator, which was interesting. When I looked into them, I realized that they are only for larger sites that have enough […]

Solutions that work

McMichen Consulting Company will work with you to develop a solution to your business problem or need.  Services can include design, architecture, installation, configuration, process development, training and documentation.  Everything you need to run your business.  We realize that many people need technologies for their business, but find it very […]