Choosing Software & Services

Where to begin… There are so many technology options these days. Don’t get me wrong, its great! Years ago you had to pick a technology partner and live with the decision for years. Shackled to their release cycles and promises to fix it in the next release. As a Boston […]

List Buyer Beware

As marketers, we want to do our best to reach new leads, educate and nurture them to become potential customers.  We want to build a profile of the customer, so we can identify leads who we believe is qualified and pass them to our sales team.  The challenge is where […]

Mobile Impact on Campaign Results

Check out this short article that I wrote on LinkedIN… Image Source: Search Engine Land linked article. I was reading a new article about Googles new Mobile Scorecard and Impact Calculator, which was interesting. When I looked into them, I realized that they are only for larger sites that have enough […]